The PETOIL BOSS, with capacities from 0,5 m3/hour to 10 m3/hour, to install in ship machinery rooms, accomplishes with the last international regulations about the overboard bilge discharge.

This experience has allowed us to get the most reliable system of the market. The system design is based in the gravity principle and coalescence that means a separation media with no consumables. it is the most important characteristic of this equipment, because it reduces significantly maintenance expenses, as cartridge and filtration media.

The PETOIL is a automatic system that includes an integral feeding pump, starters, OCM type alarm-monitor, control panel and valves set (ball and solenoid valves). With its compact size, is appropriated for reduced locations.



Approved as per IMO Regulations.

Easy and quick installation.

New automatic operation.

Integrated pump, pipes and base frame.

Sizes for all ships.

Easy maintenance, with low operation costs.

Oil in Water Discharge with TPH < 15 ppm MEPC 107(49).





Content Monitor Bilge Oil TD -107 (OCM ) is a oil in water monitor, low maintenance technology based on fluorescence. Detecting fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs energy at a certain length and emits energy at a longer wavelength. Each fluorescent compound has a unique signature, and these compounds can be monitored with their actual concentration. Fluorescence -107 causes the TD is resistant to interference from turbidity or particles/sediment in the well, which impact the light scatter of OCMs. If a substance does not fluoresce at certain specific wavelengths to monitor oil will not interfere as a "false positive".

Content Monitor Bilge Oil TD 107 This certificate As IMO MEPC 107 ( 49) and approved by the USCG for monitor their use as bilge/bilge alarm. Equipped with data logger RIGHT and custom paragraph florist be different systems. Monitor oil content is designed forbe fully automated maintenance and un reduced pipes, valves, filters and pumps replace.



IMO MEPC 107(49) certified OCM/alarm oil content meter.

USGC/ABS/NEMA 4X OCM approval.

Flowering is not affected by sediment/particles.

No contact, no cell sample flow.

Quality precision parts per million (ppm).

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