Peter Taboada is a Spanish company specialized in the design and manufacture of water treatment and purification systems for different sectors: marine, industrial, food, health, pharmaceutical, hotels, residential,…

From our beginnings in 1980, we have experience constant growth, placing us as one of the main manufactures in the market, with a presence in more than 40 countries.

We have a large R&D team working continually on the improved of our products and the development of innovated solutions. Both the manufacturing and the R&D departments are situated in the same building, which allows for a close working relationship between them, that translates into continual improvements of our systems.

Currently we offer a wide range of applications for the treatment of water, from technical advice in the design of specific projects to providing maintenance and running of plants.

All of our systems are manufactured using the components of the highest quality and have been tested under the most rigorous conditions (low and high temperatures, vibration, marine setting…). Moreover, each and every one of our systems is tested in plant before shipment following the strictest guidelines.

Clear proof of this excellence of work are the prizes and awards that we have received:


Nor-Fishing from Norway award for innovation.

Smagua Award for development and innovation technology in the treatment of water.

Galicia Award for business innovation.

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Estrada Porto Cabeiro,35 - Vilar de Infesta 36815 Redondela - Pontevedra - Spain

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