The PETSEA RO SW-RE reverse osmosis systems for sea water desalinitation includes an energy recovery system, which allows a significant decrease in electrical consumption.

The energy recovery system is an innovative procedure of the latest technology, composed of a highly efficient pumping system which, in combination with the pressure exchanger group and a booster pump, allows energy savings by means of reducing electrical consumption without reducing the overall efficiency of the unit.

Using this equipment we have managed to reduce the size of the high pressure pump, as well as achieving savings in power of up to 60%.

High production from 200 m3/day.



Highly reliable systems.

Manufactured in a stainless steel skid for a longlife.

Compact systems and easy maintenance.

All the units include feeding pump, sand filter, micrometric filters & PLC.

Custom units designed in accordance with customer specifications.

High pressure circuit in super duplex stainless steel.




CIP (Cleaning in Place).

Remote control.

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