The cooling water quality control system PETDIESEL is the first system designed for providing the most suitable solutions for both control and maintenance of diesel engines cooling circuits. Totally designed and built by PETER TABOADA, the PETDIESEL system controls and protects the cooling circuit applying the highest technology.

The system controls the water pH of the cooling circuit by an automatic system: by means of continuous measuring and chemical dossaging, pH is kept at 7.8 to 8 at temperatures at 70ºC to 90ºC. The result is corrosion instantly avoided and rust and mud grown is reduced to minimum, which increases the cooling power of water. The water conductivity is controlled by another automatic system which continuously measures the quality of water in the circuit and informs by an acoustic and visual alarm if the conductivity is not suitable (casual contamination produced by seawater from the refrigerator). The Oil model includes a probe for measuring hydrocarbons. The Oil-T model includes probes for measuring hydrocarbons and sludge in water. as well as the standard model, the system tells by an acoustic or visual alarm when the measured value is over the setted by the user.

The models PETDIESEL PLUS also include a water demineralizer also with automatic performance which produces and inject purified water in the compensating tank when it is needed. By this way it is assured that the water in the cooling circuit is of suitable quality.

The amortization of PETDIESEL and PETDIESEL PLUS is quick, avoiding the wearing away of main devices of the engine and making a great save.



Maintenance of pH between 7,8 and 8 at any temperature.

Corrosive inhibitor.

Scatterer/Deflocculater: Avoids the pouring off sludge and iron in the circuit.


Increases the refrigerant power of the water.

Automatic control of conductivity of the water through an acoustic and visual alarm.

Automatic control of hydrocarbons and sludge in water in p.p.m. and N.U.T. units. (Models OIL & OIL-T).

Certified by Bureau Veritas and Lloyds Register.



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