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Peter Taboada designs water purification plants for towns, small cities or as primary treatment in industrial water treatment process.

These plants are modular (from 500 to 5,000 m3 / day), thus achieving adaptation to the flows that it is necessary to add modules to reach the required flow. Apart from being modular, they are easily transportable in trucks or sea containers to reach any country in the world.


Among the equipment that we integrate in our plants of treatment of potable water we can cite by usual order of process:


Self-cleaning rotary screens.

Hypochlorite dosing systems.

Coagulation dosing systems.

Soda dosing systems.

Polyelectrolyte preparation plants.

Flocculant dosing systems.

Flocculating tubes.

Lamellar decanters.

Chlorine exchangers.

Sand filters.

Pumping systems.

Integral plant control system.


In addition, we also design the sludge treatment plants generated in the process of decantation of the drinking water treatment plant. In this treatment we integrate the following equipment:


Pumping systems for the extraction of sludge.

Lung deposits of sludge.

Sludge transfer systems.

Sludge conditioning tanks.

Polyelectrolyte preparation plants.

Lime hoppers.

Lime dosing systems.

Automatic press filters.

Integral control system of the sludge treatment plant.

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