Five MSC Cruises ships are supplied with fresh water by the reverse osmosis plants that Peter Taboada has custom designed and built for them.

The STX France Shipyard (Chantier d´el Atlantique) has once again entrusted Peter Taboada for the design and manufacture of the reverse osmosis plants that will provide the water necessary for the service that the prestigious MSC cruises require.

In total there have been 5 projects for 5 vessels over 300m in length, each producing 1980m3 of water per day.

These prestigious cruise ships carry 6,000 people plus crew, which represents a great supply challenge.

  • The keys to our work have been:
  • Adapted design
  • Construction with the best components
  • Transport
  • Commissioning and training
  • Monitoring from the ground
  • Integrated energy recovery

In the video below, our latest installment ended in March 2021, and it is a two-plant project producing 825m3 and 330m3 of fresh water respectively, for a total of 1980m3 per day.

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